Buy or Hire Icelandic Compositions


In our database we have documented information on almost all contemporary Icelandic compositions. The web-version of our database is quite old so it does not always work. If it does not give you the information you need, please send an e-mail to and we will answer you as soon as possible. Also if  you find something you would like to order, get more information on, or ask for prices, please send an email to

To view our database, click here, it will open in a separate window.

Buy sheet music

At the Icelandic Music Information Centre you can buy and hire Icelandic sheet music. We sell copies of self published works by Icelandic composers, almost all of the compositions in our database are for sale, larger orchestral works are available for hire.

To order sheet music or ask for prices, please send an email to

The Iceland Music Information Centre’s Price Guidelines

last reviewed 10.1.2014

Performing Rights Disclaimer

Attention is drawn to the fact that payment for purchase or hire of music does not include permission from the composer to publicly perform the works in question. Permission from STEF, or their equivalent organisations abroad, is a prerequsite. It is therefore important that, after a performance, the programme is sent to to the Performing Rights organisation in that country where the performance took place. If there is no-one at the concert venue who is able to receive the programme, STEF is able to assist in getting the material to the relevant parties. We therefore ask you to send the programmes, with information about venue and date of performance to
Sheet music for sale
Music for 1-12 instruments
Demo   All scores can be ordered as demos for free. A part of the score is conceled so the demo can not be used for performances.
Price pr.  side
A4/B5  90 ISK  For each extra page you buy the price goes down 0.5%
B4/A3   170 ISK
PDF  20% discount  Please note: Digital copies for choral music are sold according to the number of voices in the work. Therefore, for a four-part work the minimum order is four copies
Discount for students  20% discount
Discount for composers of their own works  50% discount
Bulk discount
Applies to the total amount bought of a single composition
10-19 copies 15%
20-49 copies 30%
50 copies or more 40%
70 copies or more 50%
Music for 13 or more instruments is not for sale, only for hire. The paritures can be bought in accordance to our pricelist shown above.  
Demo / perusal score You can recieve a perusal score of the partiture in .pdf format without charge of larger compositions.
Orchestral price pr. minute   4,200 ISK
Minimum charge  21,000 ISK
Chamber (20 players or less) – price pr. minute x no of players  200 ISK
Minimum charge  14,000 ISK
Premiere 100% surcharge
Recording 50% surcharge
Additional performances* 50% discount
Amateur/Educational 40% discount
*If work is performed several times as part of a tour etc (usually in the space of a month or so). Longer periods may be negotiated; and for very long periods (ie more than a year) a permanent loan may be an option (where the hirer gets to keep a set and pays a hire fee each time the work is performed).
Other costs
Bank transfer. The bank, Landsbankinn, charges 700 ISK for each bank transfer from a foreign bank.
PayPal. You can pay with a creditcard via PayPal. They charge 3.4% + 0.30$
Postage is calculated in acordance to the pricelist at Íslandspóstur hf. + 200 ISK for administrative costs.

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