Árstíðir – Heyr himna smiður – how to buy the sheet music?

Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson 1938-2013

Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson 1938-2013

After the band Árstíðir published their video of “Heyr himna smiður” by Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson on YouTube (see below), we have had so many enquiries about this work.

There is a popular misunderstanding that Sigurbjörnsson had merely harmonized an old Icelandic hymn. This is of course far from the truth, as this amazingly moving piece is all his own composition. The poem, however, is very old, the oldest religious poem that exists in Scandinavia.

The sheet music for Sigurbjörnsson’s “Heyr himna smiður” for male voices (TTBB), mixed choir (SATB) and female voices/children(SSA & SSAA) is available from us and the cost is only ISK 299.- (approx.  2.30.- US$).

If you wish to receive .pdf you will get 20% discount. Please note: Digital copies for choral music are sold according to the number of voices in the work. Therefore, for a four-part work the minimum order is four copies.

We prefer PayPal as the method for payment – We will send a PayPal request and you can pay by credit card via the PayPal system.

If you wish to buy copies for choir, we offer the following discounts:

  • 10-19 copies = 15%
  • 20-49 copies = 30%
  • 50-69 copies = 40%
  • 70 or more = 50%

We can send “hard copies” by post or send .pdf with permission to make x many copies (with .pdf you will get 20% extra discount)

Please let us know your wishes.

Order by sending us an email to itm@mic.is. You can pay with credit card via the PayPal payment system.

Have a look at this amazing video by Árstíðir

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