Premiere of Þráinn Hjámarsson’s work ‘(MMXIV) mise en scène’ at Nordlichter 2014, Berlin

Ensemble Adapter (D/IS) presents new treasures of today’s Nordic Music with their new project, ‘Lost and Found’, at the Nordlichter 2014, festival for Nordic music and arts in Berlin. Three young composers on their way to an international career from Denmark, Iceland and Finland have written new pieces for Adapter that are premiered in this context. The three composers Simon Løffler (DK), Þráinn Hjálmarsson (IS) and Jouni Hirvelä (FI) work a lot with experiments in their compositions, and the results are three new Opuses that combine traditional instruments like flute, clarinet, harp and drums with modern electronics such as effect pedals, cables and neon light effects. Hjálmarsson’s work, (MMXIV) mise en scène, is written especially for the group on this occasion.

The concert takes place at Radialsystem V on the 28th of February 2014. Tickets available here

Ensemble Adapter is Kristjana Helgadóttir (flute), Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson (clarinet), Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (harp), Matthias Engler (drums)

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