Our online sheet music store contains documented information on many contemporary Icelandic compositions. There you can order printed versions of the works or download digital PDF files of the works.

View our online sheet music store here.

To order parts or hire orchestral works, please contact itm@mic.is

Bulk discount

If you buy more than 10 copies of the same work you can get the following bulk discounts:

  • 10-19 copies = 15% discount
  • 20-49 copies = 30% discount
  • 50-69 copies = 40% discount
  • 70 or more copies = 50% discount

Send and email to itm@mic.is to get bulk discounts.

Performing Rights Disclaimer

Attention is drawn to the fact that payment for purchase or hire of music does not include permission from the composer to publicly perform the works in question. Permission from STEF, or their equivalent organisations abroad, is a prerequsite. It is therefore important that, after a performance, the programme is sent to to the Performing Rights organisation in that country where the performance took place. If there is no-one at the concert venue who is able to receive the programme, STEF is able to assist in getting the material to the relevant parties. We therefore ask you to send the programmes, with information about venue and date of performance to info@stef.is